We meet on the 3rd Saturday of March (Installation) , May, June, September, October and November at 11am at The Masonic Hall, Halifax Road, Bottoms, Todmorden, West Yorkshire OL14 6DN

Freemasonry in England has existed for some 300 years uniting men of similar values in a bond of caring fellowship for each other and their families as well as extending their hand of support to those less fortunate when appropriate locally, nationally and even international tragedy/ crisis relief. Through our Charitable system Freemasonry is also able to provide grants for important medical research, supporting the Air Ambulance service and patient comfort in our many hospices.
The Lodge of Prince George No 308 is one of the oldest Lodges in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding having been formally recognised in 1796. It started its life in the historic village of Howarth perhaps better known for its connection with the Bronte family, but after a few years it moved its activity over the moors and settled in the Calder valley between the small towns of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, where it has remained ever since. Being 220 years old it has had ample opportunity to developed its many traditions whilst maintaining high standards and enthusiasm amongst its membership.
Being very mindful of the changing society around us, we remain committed to trying to meet the needs of the modern man. Firstly our Saturday meetings appeal to those men who’s domestic or occupational activity makes mid week meetings difficult to attend. Secondly we have recently moved our meeting time to 11am so as not to interfere with the members family and social/leisure activities. This still allows us to share a lunch and fellowship with one another in a formal but relaxed manner. And thirdly, as all ready stated it exercises the opportunity for us though our social and charitable activity to reach out to our local community.
To find out more about visiting as an existing Freemason or to make enquiries about joining us please use the contact page at the earliest opportunity.